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Our Philosophy

• Brand management as a fundamental, the bridge between factories and customers

• To become a world wide leading electric vehicle product supplier and EV  solution provider to users internationally provider

Our Company

• Company was set up in Shanghai in 2002. Cooperated with several world famous motorcycle and EV company. Mainly focus on motorcycle and electric scooter & motorcycle export.

• From 2018, set up Arena brand in UK, started designing and developed own patent models, the first electric scooter with Arena brand was launched. A number of models will follow by the end of this year.

Our Team

• Total 15 people, professional team with more than 15 years experience of design, R&D and quality control.

• We have our own frame and plastic mould plant in Taizhou.


Brand Story Abbreviated

Arena is elegant, arena is flexible, arena is practical, arena is for everyone...

Inspired by European brands past and present. Italian style, German reliability, British heritage and French passion.

Key elements: Quality, heritage, style, modern technology.

The word arena is known throughout Europe. It was a historical place where people gathered to watch performances or be entertained. arena will put the bikes on stage. arena is also calm, powerful and bold like the Ocean. The shape of the word is balanced and rounded.

The empowering brand appeals to men and women.

Design your own journey, stand on stage, be daring - arena

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